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LogiGamma Sped Ltd.

Logigamma Sped Ltd. Transport and transport organization, forwarding for you for many years

LogiGamma Sped Ltd. - transport, transport organization, forwarding and experience in technology

Our company, dealing with transports, organizing transports and shipments, was established in December of 2012 with the participation of three people. The owners have many years of experience fields of tranport, transport organization, forwarding and technology.

We started the company with one Scania type EURO 2 trailer truck, with only domestic tasks.

By today, due to its dynamic development, the company is striving to fully satisfy our client’s needs with seven EURO 6 trailer trucks and tent semi-trailers equipped with lightened pallet cases both in national and international trade as well. Among our destinations there are several countries in the European Union and Switzerland!

Since (the year of) 2016 we are also carrying out the tasks of an ADR expert.

Our chief aim is to create such a multigenerational family company, which can provide for a long term

  • the satisfaction of the customer’s needs,
  • such an unbroken development which takes into account the market demands,
  • the appreciation and the reliable financial background for its employes.

The team of LogiGamma Ltd.

team member
László Molnár / Owner, Manager (Managing director)

Phone: 00-36-70-604-7513
Fax: 00-36-36-999-231
E-mail: molnar@logigamma.hu

team member
Rita Verebélyi / Owner, Logistics administrator (Language: DE)
Phone: 00-36-70-933-1636
Fax: 00-36-36-999-231
E-mail: verebelyi@logigamma.hu
team member
Zsuzsanna Bajzát / Logistics administrator (Languages: GB, FR, ES)
Phone: 00-36-70-945-39-80
Fax: 00-36-36-999-231
E-mail: bajzat@logigamma.hu